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We are  a boutique corporate finance and investment advisory  firm with a strong focus on Client objectives,  Confidentiality, Timely Delivery and  Cost Optimisation . We strive to bring value addition to the assignments and transactions by combining our professional skills with our conventional Marwari business acumen.  We work with the promoters and family offices of leading corporate houses  in Delhi.

Over the years we have built a large network of equity investors – HNIs, Family offices, Private Equity funds, Early stage  and Special situation funds. We work with some of the most efficient banks , financial institutions and NBFCs in the country.  We believe in long  term relationships –   a large number  of our assignments come to us by way of client endorsement. We believe in delighting our customers .

Our team comprises of  financial, capital market, and legal experts. Macroeconomics, Buisness Strategy and Capital Markets Specialists.

Our more than 25 years of experience gives us a good understanding of banking finance. We have considerable experience in structured debt products and cost optimization in banking finance. Our market intelligence helps us in getting better interest rates as we work closely with the lenders. Our  understanding of basic banking parameters help us in creating comfortable structures with the lenders.

Our professional and social network gives us an edge on M&A deal origination on account of Succession management, Business Leadership objectives  and Business Portfolio alignment goals. Our experienced  multi disciplinary team brings skill sets in  advising  on  business valuation,  legal,  due diligence,  financial and legal negotiations.

We  have a strong focus on raising Private Equity Funding for Startups and early stage Tech companies.


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